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Michael A. Crane, Incorporated

Michael A. Crane, Incorporated
Berkeley, California

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(510)  527-9575

Michael A. Crane, Inc. is a management consulting practice with an emphasis on analytical and quantitative applications.  Our client projects typically include elements from among the following disciplines:

Managerial Economics; Financial Analysis; Activity-Based Costing; Management Science and Operations Research; Applied Statistics; Market Research; Econometrics; Management Accounting; Mathematical Modeling; Actuarial Science; Cost Accounting; Decision Sciences.

In recent years, we have developed a special emphasis on the application of the SNAPSHOT® cost sampling methodology.  This powerful tool has many applications including product costing, Activity Based Costing (ABC), productivity measurement, process analysis, and others.

Dr. Michael A. Crane has over 35 years of project management experience, directing management consulting efforts for both private industry and government clients.  He has also served as a visiting Professor of Operations Research at Stanford University and as a lecturer in Operations Management in the Executive MBA program at Golden Gate University.

Dr. Crane received his Ph.D. in Operations Research from Stanford University in 1971.  He earned bachelors and masters degrees from M.I.T., graduating at the top of his class.  He has published numerous articles in such journals as Operations Research, Management Science, Management Accounting, Health Care Financing Review, Journal of the ACM, Journal of Applied Probability, SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics, and a monograph in the Lecture Note Series in Control and Information Sciences. 


Michael A. Crane, Inc. Berkeley, California