Michael A. Crane, Incorporated

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Consulting Clients

Past and Current Clients Include:

            Balboa Insurance Group

            Blue Cross

            Blue Shield

            CNA Insurance Company

            Continental Insurance Company

            Coregis Insurance

            Envision Claims Management

            Fireman's Fund Insurance Companies

            Great American Insurance Companies

            Health Net

            Home Insurance Group

            Industrial Indemnity

            Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

            Laguna Research Associates

            Mason-McDuffie Insurance Services

            Nationwide Trial Division

            Nautilus Insurance Company

            OneBeacon Insurance Company

            Russell Miller, Inc.

            Scottsdale Insurance Company

            Solano Coalition for Better Health, Inc.

            SRI International

            State Governments:  California, Washington, New York

            The St. Paul Insurance Companies

            TIG Insurance Company

            United States Department of Defense

            United States Department of Health and Human Services

            United States Health Care Financing Administration



Michael A. Crane, Inc. Berkeley, California